Joel R. Sundquist


About the Author

Joel was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where he still resides. He writes speculative fiction, mainly in the horror, fantasy and thriller genres. He has been writing since he was eight years old and is currently at work on a horror comic book, as well as a thriller crime novel. He published his first poem in Sirr Magazine at the age of seventeen, and his latest publication, "A Room With No Doors," is the closing story in Pyre Publishing's N: Volume Two. He works for a new independent publishing company, Dark Peninsula Press, which is open for submissions in speculative horror fiction beginning May 1st 2019. The deadline for submissions is August 1st 2019. If you are interested you can follow this link:



No bond to me / you will keep / A slave to the wealthy / Sold dirt cheap

I wrap around / your soulless anchor / with such a sound / Cuts through the rancor

Your wrists are bruised / and your legs are tired / Only set loose

To be cast in the fire

A soul intact doesn’t have the same impact

Fractures appearing down my body

My spider-fractured

Soldered body

Heavy Lacquer

Still rotting

A bond to me / you will keep / when you’re sold dirt cheap into slavery

Caress your back / with throngs of hurt / spider-crack / soon asserts

A spectacle to regard / your crumpled frame / whip departs / you remain

My spider-fractured soldered body

Is wearing thin, something costly

Find a compass pointing north

Then follow it down the river shore

I must leave this / life

I must find my / place

Rebel against the / ways

That keep us in a